Spring break in Cabo isn’t just about partying through the night – Cabo’s sunny shores are also dotted with luxury beach clubs waiting to be explored. While visiting Cabo, you’re going to want to spend a little time finding your favorite beach club to relax and recover at during the day. Besides, Cabo is safe and likely the reason it’s the #1 travel destination in Mexico.

Browse our curated list of the best beach clubs to brunch, lunch, or get a bit of sun at; some of these hidden gems are even popular party spots once the sun sets as well.

What’s the Cabo beach club scene like and who would enjoy it?

Beach clubs, especially in Cabo, are a bit different than your usual nightclub. Open earlier in the day and often featuring a full day’s menu, entertainment, and other recreational activities – these clubs are perfect to hangout at during the day or pregame before hitting the town.

Cabo beach clubs usually share the same vibe: views of the Baja Californian coast, a relaxed but fun atmosphere, and plenty of delicious food from amazing restaurants to be shared among friends. If you like any of those things, or simply just want to party, make sure to check out a few beach clubs during your stay in Cabo.

Should you get a Cabo Beach Club day pass?

Whether you’re visiting Cabo on spring break or for the day during a cruise, you may be able to find a few beach club day passes depending on the time of year. Day passes aren’t offered as frequently nowadays as they were in the past, but they do still exist.

These passes usually give you access to everything included in a resort stay, but just for a single day or two. If you’re looking for a Medano Beach club day pass in particular, you may want to contact the Cachet Beach Club (now known as the Corazon) to see if they can accommodate you during spring break – check further down our list for more info.

What else is there to do in Cabo besides visiting beach clubs?

Los Cabos isn’t just a simple party town – there are tons of other amazing and fun Cabo activities worth checking out while in the area, including in San Jose del Cabo. Here are just a few examples to get you started:

  • Surfing
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving
  • Whale watching
  • Hiking and off-road tours

Which part of Cabo has the best beaches?

Everyone’s definition of a perfect beach is different, but when it comes to visiting Cabo during spring break there are a few major things you’ll want to consider. While planning your spring break vacation, ask yourself a few questions like:

  • How close do you want my hotel or Airbnb to be to the beach?
  • Do you want to dine on the beach?
  • Will you be partying on the beach or do you prefer an indoor venue?

With that being said, some of the most popular beaches in Cabo include:

  • Medano Beach, which is where the best Cabo beach clubs are located
  • Lover’s Beach, is a famous secluded spot you can only arrive at by boat
  • Chileno Beach, a popular swimmable beach within The Corridor district of Cabo

Is Cabo San Lucas good for partying?

Cabo isn’t one of the most popular college spring break destinations without reason – this small but lively area of Mexico is party-central year round, full of exciting and rowdy beach clubs, nightclubs, and the best beach bars: perfect for those who love to socialize and dance the night away.

No matter how you prefer to get down, there’s bound to be a venue that you can call home during spring break in Cabo.

Should you use Uber in Los Cabos?

Avoiding Uber and other unregistered taxi services in Cabo is highly recommended. There are a few different reasons for this, the main one being most of these taxi services aren’t officially registered, which means they pose a safety risk to travelers who are unfamiliar with the local area.

The best way to securely book transportation to and from the airport while visiting Cabo during spring break is to use a service like SJD Taxi’s airport shuttle: simple, affordable, safe transportation is the first place you should start when booking your Cabo trip.

How do you get to Lover’s Beach, and is it swimmable?

Lover’s Beach is only accessible by sea, meaning you’ll need to book passage on a water taxi or boat if you want to spend the day there. You can easily book a cheap water taxi from Medano Beach, located across the bay from Lover’s Beach and home to most of the beach clubs in this list.

Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing – there’s no end to the things to do on the beach. However, you’re going to want to avoid the ocean-facing side (towards the Pacific Ocean), as powerful waves pose a danger to inexperienced swimmers. Also, bring a pair of sandals or shoes – the sand is hot.

What are the top Cabo beach clubs?

Let’s take a deeper look at the top Cabo San Lucas spring break beach clubs, giving you a glimpse into the ultimate Cabo party scene that leaves most with unforgettable memories. While this isn’t a complete list of the best beach clubs in Cabo, these are the best of the best in our opinion.

Milky Beach Los CabosMilky Beach

Hours: 8 AM – 11 PM

Website: Milky Beach

Milky Beach, located right along the shoreline of Cabo, is one of the largest beach club destinations for tourists and locals alike. Fresh seafood, mixed drinks, and a view of the busy sandy shores of Mexico – Milky Beach is known for being an incredibly cozy place to spend a few hours during the spring.

While the daytime beach views are spectacular, Milky Beach is also known for its lively club scene during the evening – featuring a selection of unique drinks. This beach club should be one of your first stops during spring break if you’re looking for a true party atmosphere; with easy access to nearby jet skiing, Milky has a little something for anyone wanting to take a trip to Cabo.

Corazon Beach Club - CachetCorazon Beach Club (Cachet)

Hours: 7 AM – 11 PM

Website: Cachet (Corazon)

Corazon Beach Blub – also known as the Cachet Beach Hotel and recently rebranded to the Corazon Beach Club – is both a beach club and a luxury resort located within the Medano Beach area of Cabo San Lucas Bay. Not only can you book a room at Cachet, but you can also simply pop by and enjoy a few drinks and a bite or two from their beach-focused menu full of delicious tropical cocktails.

Daybeds and lounge chairs line the nearby swimmable beach, with full restaurant service as well for those who prefer to lounge a bit while enjoying a bit of spring break brunch – or you can laze about their pool area if that’s your style. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, stick around until the sun sets and experience one of the most amazing spring break beach club party scenes Los Cabos has to offer.

Billygan's Beach ClubBillygan’s Beach Club

Hours: 7 AM – 8:30 PM

Website: Billygan’s (Facebook)

Located directly on Medano Beach, Billygan’s Beach Club is one of Cabo’s hidden gems – the perfect spot for a bit of lowkey spring break sunbathing. Situated right next to The Office and Mango Deck, two of our other favorite beach clubs, Billygan’s is a relaxation hot spot for locals and tourists alike.

Valet parking is included at Billygan’s, and while it is located on the beach itself it’s also close enough to hop in a taxi back to your Airbnb if you need a quick siesta. If you do decide to dip into Billygan’s while testing out clubs in Cabo San Lucas, make sure to ask for the fresh catch of the day when choosing from their seafood menu.

Mango Deck Cabo Beach ClubMango Deck Beach Club

Hours: 8 AM – 10 PM

Website: Mango Deck

Mango Deck isn’t just a beach club – it’s also one of the best party spots you’ll be able to find during Spring Break in Cabo. A lot is going on here: great views of the Medano Beach, events, and competitions featuring willing members of the audience (that’s you), a delicious menu including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks – and more.

Buying a meal or drink at Mango Deck gives you access to its beach amenities including lounge chairs and daybeds; for what this beach club has to offer, spending your time and money enjoying the entertainment is always worth it. If you’re someone who imagines dining in Cabo with a bit of sand between your toes, Mango Deck is the first beach club you’re going to want to visit.

The Office Cabo Beach ClubThe Office

Hours: 7 AM – 10 PM

Website: The Office

While its name may imply you’re in for a boring time, The Office on the Beach is quite the opposite. So close to the ocean, at high tide the water may even reach your feet – this no-frills beach club remains true to its origins: a shoreline club where business and pleasure meld together, a welcome relief from the always busy streets of Los Cabos during spring break.

If your spring break party group includes tons of people, The Office is one of the better places to find seating with a good number of chairs. Their outdoor dining patio, located mostly on the sand, seats tables of 10 or more – which can’t be said about other establishments like the El Ganzo Beach Club, among others.

Pro tip: if you wait long enough, a server may even offer to pour tequila shots directly in your mouth – no judgment here (it’s Spring Break)!

Sand Bar Cabo Beach ClubThe Sand Bar

Hours: 8 AM – 10 PM

Website: The Sand Bar

Aside from its perfect beach club name, The Sand Bar is also known for the skilled team of masseuses running the show in their upstairs massage lounge. After a long night out on the town, you may want to consider hitting up The Sand Bar for a morning Bloody Mary and massage. Delicious tropical drinks, live music, stunning ocean views, a sunny beach, massages – what more could you ask for in a spring break beach club?

The Sand Bar also features a full menu including breakfast and mixed drinks, with a dining area right on the sandy beach, similar to The Office. If you’ve never been serenaded by a live mariachi band on a Cabo beach while being massaged, have you truly lived?

Beach Clubs in Cabo: Final Thoughts

Finding an exciting, slightly taboo beach club that resonates with you while spring breaking in Cabo San Lucas is essential – these cozy spots are the best way to recover after a long night out on the town, and you’ve got plenty of excellent locations to choose from. Make sure to keep our list in mind when planning out your trip with friends, and always remember to pack your favorite brand of sunscreen.