SJD Taxi Editorial Guidelines

SJD Taxi is recognized as the premier service for safe, affordable, and professional transportation at (airport code: SJD) Cabo Airport and throughout Los Cabos in Baja California Sur. Countless clients have trusted our expertise for seamless travel experiences, from airport transfers to exploring the beauty of Los Cabos. Utilizing our model to refine the raw costs of vehicle transportation, and straightforward communication, we also guide people in making the most of their stay in Baja California Sur, enhancing their travel, leisure, and local exploration experiences.

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SJD Taxi delivers trusted, customer-focused local information and education on transportation options ensuring safe, affordable, and professional transportation experiences across every stage of their journey in Baja California Sur.


We envision a future where our service transforms the travel experience in Baja California Sur, setting new standards for safety, affordability, and professionalism in transportation, thereby enriching the lives of travelers and disrupting the status quo of travel expectations.

Editorial Team

The SJD Taxi Editorial Team consists of professional writers and editors who are not only experts in travel and transportation but also dedicated users of SJD Taxi services. This team is committed to producing thorough, accurate, engaging, educational, and actionable content that offers in-depth responses to our readers’ inquiries, helping them navigate their options and empowering them to make informed decisions for their transportation needs based on SJD Taxi’s principles.

Editorial Standards

Our team undertakes extensive research for all content we create, relying on both internal insights and external authoritative sources within the travel and transportation industry. Our team harnesses the power of AI generation assistance however, all our content undergoes rigorous review and fact-checking at multiple levels to ensure its accuracy and relevance.  We are dedicated to keeping our content current, ensuring that each piece reflects the most up-to-date information at the time of publication.

How We Make Money

We only endorse products or services to our customers that we would suggest to our own families. Hence, we only promote products and services from businesses or individuals that we’ve thoroughly vetted or with whom we have a direct relationship. When we suggest SJD Taxi services in our editorial content, its because we genuinely believe these services offer the best solutions for our readers’ transportation needs. Nonetheless, no business units or partners influence our editorial decisions on when or how these recommendations are made.

Changes to the Editorial Guidelines

These guidelines may be updated occasionally as we introduce new services, as laws evolve, and as Los Cabo’s tourism industry standards for privacy and security progress. Updates to these guidelines will be posted on this page, along with an updated date at the document’s bottom. We encourage regular visits to this page for any modifications or updates. Should any significant changes occur concerning the use or disclosure of personal information, we will provide advance notice on our site. Minor adjustments or those not substantially affecting individual privacy interests may be made at any time without prior notice.

Contacting SJD Taxi

For any questions or concerns regarding our Editorial Guidelines, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly by phone on online form. You can connect directly with our SJD Taxi Customer Service team at the provided contact information on our website, available during business hours to assist you. 

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