When it comes to getting the most out of your spring break, figuring out where to rest your head is just as important as where the best party is. We’ve put together a curated list of the best resorts in Cabo for spring breakers, covering a variety of amenities suited to different travel sizes.

Let’s first talk a little bit about the different areas in Cab itself, as the layout of the region can be confusing:

What are the different areas of Cabo?

Due to how many different names are used for the area, Cabo’s actual layout can be sort of hard to grasp at first. It’s not too bad once you understand, however; basically, there are three main areas of Cabo:

  • Cabo San Lucas, which is the downtown area famous for its party scene
  • San Jose del Cabo, a quieter town located just northeast of Cabo San Lucas
  • The Corridor, which is a stretch of highway located between the towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo

Which part of Cabo is best to stay in?

There isn’t a single answer to this, as it’s going to depend on what you’re looking for during your college spring break trip.

If you want to party hard all night and then start again the next morning, you may want to look into a place to stay in Cabo San Lucas. If you want a more lowkey, chill experience further away from the downtown scene, check out San Jose del Cabo. For those who can’t decide, you could consider booking a room with The Corridor for easy access to both areas.

What should you look for in a Cabo hotel?

When booking your spring break hotel, you’ll want to consider what’s being offered in exchange for your hard-earned cash – not all hotels are created equal, and many in the Los Cabo area can be annoying to deal with if you’re unprepared. Here’s a simple rundown of what to keep an eye out for:

  • Amenities: if you want the most bang for your buck, go with an all-inclusive package for a resort, which will include tons of recreational activities, fine dining perks, room service, and other luxuries. A hotel will be a step down from this while booking an Airbnb or villa nearby will give you that home away from home feeling.
  • Walkability: consider how much you plan on partying, and how far you realistically want to walk or ride via taxi back to your room – if you’re going to go crazy, don’t book a hotel miles away from downtown Cabo San Lucas.
  • Reviews: this is self-explanatory, always check the reviews, and pay special attention to longer and more detailed reviews and you’re bound to have a great time.

Is it worth getting an all-inclusive in Cabo?

All-inclusive packages on Cabo hotels and resorts are almost always worth it if you can afford it. These packages are tailor-fit for those who like to vacation on sunny and swimmable beaches, lounge in the sand, and generally just have a relaxing time on a beach somewhere. Just be sure to read about what’s included, and check any reviews for these deals before signing up.

What should you stay away from in Cabo?

There are a few things to be wary of while partying in Cabo: some obvious ones and others that you may have not considered before booking your flight. As long as you pay attention to your surroundings and stick to a loose plan with your group, you’ll likely be fine. But just in case, try to remember these tips:

  • Don’t swim on the Pacific Ocean facing side of Cabo – the water is very dangerous
  • Don’t waste your money on car rentals, as Cabo is walkable and taxis are plentiful
  • Protect your phone and valuables, Cabo isn’t free from theft or crime
  • Be wary of scams, including timeshare seminars and other pyramid schemes
  • Last but not least, avoid sitting in the sun or hiking for too long without sunscreen
  • Avoid Uber and other unregistered taxi services – use an airport shuttle service

Where do celebrities stay in Cabo San Lucas?

Because of how close Cabo is to Los Angeles, California – plenty of celebrities end up booking a vacation or two in the Cabo San Lucas area, usually to spend some quality time on a private beach or two and booking with the best hotels the region has to offer. While many of them own property in the area, some examples of hotels celebrities may stay at include:

  • One&Only Palmilla
  • Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos
  • Las Ventanas al Paraíso
  • Grand Velas Los Cabos
  • Nobu Hotel Los Cabos

What are the top Cabo hotels and resorts?

Los Cabos has hundreds of hotels, so picking the right one takes a bit of research. Follow along on our list of the top resorts and hotels in Los Cabos and take your time before you make a decision, as the wrong hotel could make or break your trip.

RIU Palace Cabo San Lucas Shuttle ServiceRIU Palace Cabo San Lucas

Website: RIU Cabo San Lucas

One of the best options for an inclusive Los Cabos spring break vacation, the RIU Palace Hotel in Cabo San Lucas is known for a few things: incredible beach access, adult-only swimming pools with bar access, and modern restaurants with live music. Close enough to get a bite to eat at one of Cabo’s local cafes or diners, you’re not restricted to staying within the palace walls while staying at the RIU.

However, you may find you don’t even need to venture out during your stay on some days – as the RIU Cabo has entertainment nearly every night including themed parties, making it the perfect pregaming location for spring breakers who want to ball out.

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RIU Palace Baja CaliforniaRIU Palace Baja California

Website: RIU Baja California

Located right next to RIU Palace Cabo, the RIU Palace Baja California shares many of the amenities of its sister hotel. The main difference is that this is an adults-only resort; but that’s not the only reason to book a stay at the RIU Baja – four pools, a steakhouse and patisserie, tennis courts, and a beauty spa are just a few of the benefits of staying here.

You could also consider joining the RIU Elite Club, an exclusive membership that offers a few advantages such as:

  • An exclusive welcome gift
  • Upgraded room views, in-room minibar and aromatherapy, and faster room service
  • An exclusive pool deck area and access to our lounge bar, as well as a specialty restaurant
  • Priority check-out services

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RIU Palace Santa Fe ShuttleRIU Santa Fe

Website: RIU Santa Fe

Similar to the other RIU hotels nearby, the RIU Santa Fe operates out of Los Cabo and offers a premium resort experience. Right on Medano Beach, this resort and spa is designed to provide you with maximum comfort during your spring break trip. Swim-up bars, a private beach area, and their official Splash Water World – RIU Santa Fe’s official water park – are some of the amenities you’ll enjoy while staying here.

At night, the hotel is alive with disco shows and live entertainment suitable for families, and there’s even the RiuLand Kid’s Club, specifically designed to entertain any younglings you may have brought along during spring break. This hotel is the most kid-friendly out of all the RIU options in Los Cabos.

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Marina Fiesta Hotel ShuttleMarina Fiesta Resort & Spa

Website: Marina Fiesta

Nestled along the shore near the Reserva de Lobos Marinos, the Marina Fiesta Hotel is another option for those looking for an all-inclusive spring break resort experience. When you book through their Inclusive Plan, you’re granted several vacation-worthy amenities:

  • Dining access at hotel restaurants as well as venues within Cabo San Lucas itself
  • Spa and beauty salon discounts, including massages
  • Complete hotel pool bar service, hot tubs, and a stocked in-room minibar
  • Discounted butler and room service during normal working hours
  • Dry cleaning, airport shuttle, babysitting, and much more

Amenities at the resort’s sister hotel, the Hacienda Encantada, are also included in the Marina’s Inclusive Plan. However, the main draw of this hotel for spring break visitors is its direct access to the marina, where you’ll be within walking distance of most things to do.

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ME Cabo

Website: ME Cabo

Hotel Me Cabo Airport Transportation

Just a short walk from Medano Beach, the ME Cabo Hotel is another excellent choice if you’re looking for proper spring break accommodation in Cabo San Lucas. Driving around is the last thing you want to be doing while on spring break, and the location of ME Cabo in particular is best suited for those who simply want to walk out the front door and arrive downtown, ready to party.

Incredible sea-side views, exclusive restaurants, and spacious rooms cleaned daily – deciding to stay at ME Cabo is an easy choice for most who lay eyes on the hotel grounds. One unique touch you’ll find here is a personal concierge, assigned to you when you arrive and ready to help you with any of your needs while staying on the Baja peninsula.

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Bahia Beach House Airport TransportationBahia Hotel & Beach House

Website: Bahia Hotel

A boutique hotel located right up the street from The Office, a classic Cabo beach club, the Bahia is a popular spring break hotel choice for those who don’t need direct beach access. Just a few minutes from the beach itself, this smaller hotel is a low-key spot to stay if you’re looking for a bit of pampering in the heart of downtown Cabo.

Renowned by travel enthusiasts for its professional staff and exceptional service, the Bahia is, again, located in downtown Cabo. This means you’ll be a short walk away from any partying you’ll want to take care of while on spring break, but also means you may hear a bit of noise from some of the downtown nightclubs late into the night. So, if you’re someone who lives to dance and wants to be in the thick of it all, consider the Bahia during your stay in Cabo.

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Tesoro Resort Transportation Los CabosHotel Tesoro

Website: Hotel Tesoro

Situated right along the Marina Cabo San Lucas, the Tesoro is a hotel tailor-fit for beach and water-sport enthusiasts visiting Cabo for spring break. Located further away from some of the other luxury hotels on this list, this inclusive resort allows its guests to enjoy a more local experience, compared to some of the busier resorts downtown – perfect for spring breakers with a more chill trip in mind.

At the Marina, you’ll be able to book an abundance of activities like private boat tours and snorkeling guides, all-inclusive fishing adventures, dinner cruises, and even jazz-and-wine sunset cruises. If your group of aspiring travelers is seeking out delicious cuisine and spacious suites, consider booking a room at the Hotel Tesoro.

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Medano Hotel & Suites Los Cabos ShuttleMedano Hotel & Spa

Website: Medano Hotel

For those on a limited budget, the Medano Suites make for an excellent home base as you explore the nearby city of Cabo San Lucas and dive into the thrilling nightlife scene this port of joy has to offer. To be clear, the Medano Hotel and Spa isn’t directly downtown or on the Marina – but it’s within a short walk of both, offering those without a ton of cash to throw around a place to stay with lots of nearby options in terms of nightly entertainment.

Within the 10-minute walk down to Medano Beach, you’ll find yourself immersed in the good vibes Cabo always has on tap. And on your way back to your cozy room and board, you may even stumble upon some live music courtesy of one of many restaurants and cafes across the street.

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Breathless Resort Los Cabos ShuttleBreathless

Website: Breathless

Breathless is located across the marina from Hotel Tesoro, with an incredible view of the Sea of Cortez. An adults-only resort, Breathless is one of the best options for spring break groups looking to party hard in an adult-exclusive beachfront resort.

With an award-winning rooftop lounge and complimentary infinity pool overlooking the marina, you’ll suddenly find yourself within the heart of Los Cabos when you book a stay at Breathless. If you’re looking for an even better experience, make sure to check out their Xhale Club Upgrade, which gives you access to their VIP amenities during your stay.

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Pueblo Bonito Blanco ShuttlePueblo Bonito Blanco

Website: Pueblo Bonito Blanco

Pueblo Bonito Blanco Shuttle

Pueblo Bonito Blanco is a Mediterranean-style resort located right next door to ME Cabo, along the Medano Beach area of Cabo San Lucas. As a part of the Pueblo Bonito resort world, this hotel not only has a stunning beach-side location, but by booking with them you’re allowed access to many of the amenities offered by other nearby Pueblo Bonito resorts as well.

If you and your spring break pals are on the hunt for a resort right on the beach and within walkable distance from downtown Cabo – where all the fun happens – this could be the resort you’ve been looking for. If you do book a stay, make sure to dine in at Cilantro’s Bar, a chic cocktail bar located on resort grounds.

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Pueblo Bonito Rose ShuttlePueblo Bonito Rosé

Website: Pueblo Bonito Rosé

On the same property as the previous hotel, the Pueblo Bonito Rosé is a Greco-Roman-inspired spa resort just a block up from Medano Beach. One of the safest choices to stay during spring break, the Rosé features rose-colored walls and is located next to the marina, which means you’ll have access to one of the more active and walkable areas of Cabo.

If you’re looking for a quiet or secluded resort, you may want to consider other options on our list, as the Rosé does cater more towards having a fun, sociable spring break experience.

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Downtime after the Party in Cabo

Finding the perfect hotel for your Cabo San Lucas spring break trip is never easy, but the good news is there’s a unique resort experience for everyone on the Baja California peninsula – whether you’re interested in wild parties every night or a simple, relaxing time by the pool. If you’re getting ready to take off this spring, make sure to read our other guides on the best beach clubs and nightclubs for spring break visitors.