Is There Uber in Cabo?

Yes, Uber and Lyft are now operating in Los Cabos, however, you need to understand and make a decision based on the current situation. As in many countries when Uber or Lyft is introduced the local taxis and transportation administration has conflicts. As of October 2019, there is an aggressive conflict with Uber in Los Cabos. A shuttle from Cabo airport or private transfers is more affordable and safer in the long run.

Local Cabo taxi unions are striking alliances with many resorts preventing Uber drivers from picking-up or dropping off guests. Many are turning into altercations leaving tourists and unsuspecting bystanders getting injured.

The average cost for an Uber to SJD Cabo Airport from Cabo San Lucas for two people is $58, not including tip!

There are accusations of local taxis and Uber drivers fighting and causing traffic accidents. There are also accusations that top-level administration in Baja California SUR Government is involved in gaining revenue from taxis and licensing. Understand that taxi union’s pay licensing and permit fees for resort and airport access where Uber and Lyft drivers skirt these regulations.

Uber en Los Cabos Airport? Si!

Currently, there is Uber in Cabo however, they cannot pick you up at the Los Cabos Airport or Cabo San Lucas Airport. If you get an Uber in Los Cabos to drive to the Airport they can only drop you off and this is still questionable being legal.  If you want to get an Uber from any airport, you’ll need to wheel your luggage to the outer parameters of the airport property to the Highway for a roadside pick-up. That walk alone is about 1/2 and the traffic is not safe. Especially for a family.

Our recommendation is for your safety and security do not to use Uber in Cabo San  Lucas.

Cabo Airport TransportationThere is Lyft Cabo San Lucas. Safely traveling in Uber or Lyft has become difficult for many travelers in Cabo San Lucas. Alternatives are luxury private airport transportation from Cabo Airport, SJD airport and Cabo San Lucas airport to any location in Los Cabos, Mexico. All private car service in Cabo is provided in a new comfortable vehicle driven by a professional chauffeur.

Is Uber Safe in Cabo?

Uber was launched in 2018 to much fanfare in Los Cabos. The local taxi unions and other transportation companies fought and still fight Uber and Lyft very hard from many angles. Many Uber drivers are met with anger and aggression, tourists are blocked from entry into Uber cars. Some drivers have been pulled from their cars for picking up tourists outside of resort entrances and beaten or worse, run off the road.

Private Car Service is the alternative to Uber & Lyft in Cabo San Lucas

Private Car Service in Cabo is the best alternative to Uber. Because Uber and Lyft have faced so many challenges in Los Cabos, private car service in Cabo is your next best option for the airport and local transportation services in Los Cabos. SJDtaxi will provide you with a new luxury vehicle, cold beers and cold water with a professional, licensed driver. If you are on a budget then a speedy shared shuttle is a great alternative.

Cabo Airport Transportation

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