No Uber in CaboUber is still not in legal operations in Los Cabos. As of April 2024, Uber still lacks legal operating permits under the transportation regulations of Baja California Sur. Recent regulations are providing the National Guard and local authorities to remove passengers from unlawful vehicles and confiscate vehicles of unlicensed operators.

In a meeting on April 19th, 2024, the Secretary General of Government met along with BCS Taxi Union and Private Transportation members to establish advance protocols for the implementation of supervision, inspection, and surveillance operations, under the schemes of order, security, and legality, to address the ongoing issues with Uber drivers avoiding permitting and causing safety concerns at resorts and the SJD Airport.

Uber Cabo Airport - National Guard
National Guard removing passengers from an Uber at Los Cabos Airport, March 2024.


Tourists planning to visit Los Cabos are facing a serious alert from local officials and the tourism board, urging extreme caution in their transportation choices. The advisory strongly recommends using only officially registered transportation services in Cabo, as there’s been a disturbing surge in the number of unauthorized and informal transport services, akin to Uber, in the region.

These unlicensed transportation operators in Los Cabos pose significant safety threats to unsuspecting travelers, potentially jeopardizing their well-being. The National Guard has been tasked to help tourists with information about legal transportation options at the airport while, redirecting Uber drivers who are breaking the law off the airport property or, towing the vehicles.

Uber & Riders Getting Fined and Towed at SJD Airport

Effective March 2024, Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) has intensified its security protocols, under vigilant enforcement by the National Guard, to specifically prohibit Uber pickups and drop-offs within the Cabo Airport vicinity. This crackdown extends to the areas surrounding the terminals and includes targeted surveillance at the OXXO convenience store location, previously a popular rendezvous point for Uber users.

The objective is clear: to significantly curtail the use of Uber services at SJD Airport in strict adherence to the newly imposed transportation regulations. Infringements of these rules are being rigorously pursued, with penalties including fines for both the Uber drivers and their passengers. The impounding of vehicles found in violation is increasing as well.

This heightened enforcement campaign underscores a concerted effort to regulate airport transportation and maintain the integrity of local transportation laws, ensuring that all travel within the airport’s jurisdiction complies with established legal standards.

Uber Driver Injures Tourist in High-Speed Chase at SJD Airport

On December 16th, 2023, a harrowing incident unfolded at Terminal 2 of the SJD Airport, starkly illustrating the grave dangers of using illegal ride-hailing services like Uber in Cabo. An Uber driver, caught in the act of unlawfully picking up tourists, triggered a perilous sequence of events. Fleeing the scene abruptly, the driver engaged in a high-speed chase, not only through the airport but also spilling onto the highway towards San Jose. This reckless escape put the lives of the passengers and countless others at severe risk – both drivers and pedestrians alike were thrust into the path of danger.

The chase escalated dramatically as the Uber driver desperately tried to evade law enforcement. In a shocking display of recklessness, the driver managed to outmaneuver four National Guard patrol vehicles and skillfully circumvented two strategically placed roadblocks. The pursuit highlighted the driver’s flagrant disregard for passenger and public safety, and legal regulations.

Upon apprehension, it was discovered that the driver was operating without a proper Mexican vehicle license and lacked the necessary insurance for the vehicle. Adding to the illegality, the driver was utilizing a family member’s account to solicit rides via Uber. The tourists involved in this alarming incident emerged unscathed physically but were understandably traumatized. This incident serves as a stark warning about the serious risks and legal implications of engaging with unauthorized ride-hailing services in the region.

Uber is Not Allowed at the Cabo Airport – transportation officials have the right to stop Uber, Lyft, and other app-transportation service cars at any time and remove the passengers for their own safety. Many times these users are left stranded without transportation alternatives to and from their resort. Uber cannot pick up from the SJD Los Cabos International Airport. Users will need to exit the property and meet on the side of the highway.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, concerns have been raised regarding the safety protocols followed by independent contractors, such as Uber drivers, in the Baja SUR region. The Baja SUR Health Department faces significant challenges in regulating and ensuring the cleanliness and safety of passengers in these vehicles. Key issues include:

  1. Lack of Regulatory Control: Since Uber drivers operate as independent contractors, there is a notable gap in the direct regulation of their cleaning and safety protocols by health authorities.
  2. Absence of Standardized Safety Measures: Critical safety measures such as driver testing for Coronavirus, thorough disinfection and cleaning of vehicles, and maintaining social distancing are not uniformly enforced or monitored.
  3. No Mandates from Uber: To date, Uber has not issued any specific mandates or guidelines for its drivers in Los Cabos regarding the safety of passengers in the context of Coronavirus. This lack of directive raises concerns about the potential risk of virus transmission.
  4. Risk to Passengers: The absence of standardized health and safety measures puts passengers at risk, especially in the context of a pandemic where the virus can be easily transmitted in enclosed spaces like cars.
  5. Call for Action: This situation highlights the need for more stringent measures or guidelines to be put in place for transportation services like Uber, ensuring passenger safety and reducing the spread of Coronavirus in the region.

Uber in Cabo 2023
November 2023: Uber drivers illegally waiting at the OXXO store on Los Cabos Airport property

Uber is ILLEGAL IN CABO. As in many countries when Uber or Lyft is introduced the local taxis and transportation administration have conflicts. With this, tourists are being removed from Uber cars by officials being left stranded. As of the spring of 2021, there is still an aggressive conflict with Uber in Los Cabos, notably Cabo San Lucas. A shuttle from Cabo Airport or private transfers is more affordable and safer in the long run. Recent torture and killing of Uber drivers in Brazil are also causing concern with organized crime.

Update Winter 2023 – The Uber vs. Local Taxi debate has turned ugly as an Uber driver was run down in the early morning hours of March 4th, 2020. The following day Uber drivers staged a procession and roadblock in downtown Cabo San Lucas. This comes after municipal transportation managers were speculated to drive around and remove tourists from Uber vehicles. Frequently this resulted in stranded tourists and Uber vehicles being ticketed and impounded.

Update Fall 2021 – Governor Carlos Mendoza sent his proposition to update the transport laws in Baja California SUR over a year ago. This included regulation for accepting Uber, DIDI, and similar apps for transportation in Cabo. The state Congres said “no”. After four attempts to read the proposition for law protests by taxis, buses, and Uber drivers disrupted the voting. The law was voted on and 11 against Mendoza’s proposition with 10 in favor. Uber was not granted inclusion in the proposition as a form of legal transportation to operate in Baja California SUR.  In response, Uber published articles and sent information to the local press stating that they would continue to obtain legal protection to operate in the region. As it stands Uber and other app-transportation services are not legal in Cabo.

Local Cabo taxi unions are striking alliances with many resorts preventing Uber drivers from picking up or dropping off guests. Many are turning into altercations leaving tourists and unsuspecting bystanders getting injured.

The average cost for an Uber to SJD Cabo Airport from Cabo San Lucas
for two people is $58, not including tip!

There are accusations of local taxis and Uber drivers fighting and causing traffic accidents. There are also accusations that top-level administration in Baja California SUR Government is involved in gaining revenue from taxis and licensing. Understand taxi unions pay to license their vehicles and pay individual permit fees for resort and airport access whereas Uber drivers skirt or sidestep these regulations by picking up off the property.

Uber en Los Cabos Airport? Si!

Currently, there is Uber in Cabo however, they cannot pick you up at the Los Cabos Airport or Cabo San Lucas Airport. If you get an Uber in Los Cabos to drive to the Airport they can only drop you off and this is still questionable being legal.  If you want to get an Uber from any airport, you’ll need to wheel your luggage and any travel golf bags to the outer parameters of the airport property to the Highway for a roadside pick-up. That walk alone is about 1/2 and the traffic is not safe. Especially for a family.

Our recommendation is for your safety and security do not use Uber in Cabo San  Lucas.

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There is Lyft Cabo San Lucas. Safely traveling in Uber or Lyft has become difficult for many travelers in Cabo San Lucas. Alternatives are luxury private airport transportation from Cabo Airport, SJD airport, and Cabo San Lucas airport to any location in Los Cabos, Mexico. All private car service in Cabo is provided in a new comfortable vehicle driven by a professional chauffeur.

Is Uber Safe in Cabo?

Uber was launched in 2018 to much fanfare in Los Cabos. The local taxi unions and other transportation companies fought and, still fight against Uber and Lyft from many angles. Many Uber drivers are met with anger and aggression, tourists are blocked from entry into Uber cars. Some drivers have been pulled from their cars for picking up tourists outside of resort entrances and beaten or worse, run off the road.

Private Car Service is the alternative to Uber & Lyft in Cabo San Lucas

Private Car Service in Cabo is the best alternative to Uber. Because Uber and Lyft have faced so many challenges in Los Cabos, private car service in Cabo is your next best option for the airport and local transportation services in Los Cabos. SJDtaxi will provide new luxury vehicles, cold beers, and cold water with a professional, licensed driver. If you are on a budget then a speedy shared shuttle is a great alternative.

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