Uber at Cabo Airport?

If you’re thinking a Uber Transfer at the Los Cabos Airport in 2024 think again. Uber and Ride-Sharing are ILLEGAL at the Los Cabos Airport.

National Guard Fine Uber at SJD Airport 2024March 2024: Security measures at Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) have been significantly enhanced by the National Guard. These measures restrict all pickup and drop-off activities directly at the terminal areas. Additionally, there is increased surveillance around the OXXO convenience store area, a common spot for Uber pickups, to enforce these government regulations.

The aim is to deter tourists from using Uber services at the airport due to the implementation of stricter transportation laws. State regulations require transportation service providers to have proper licenses and permits – Uber does not. Violations of these regulations by both drivers and passengers are being met with fines, and in some cases, the impounding of vehicles. These actions are part of a broader effort to regulate airport transportation and ensure compliance with local transportation laws.

Travelers from the United States and Canada are familiar with Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare services. When visiting Los Cabos you probably have just considered the convenience of getting an Uber “wherever” you are. They’re convenient, probably readily available, and simple back home. But in reality, Uber may not be as affordable as private transportation in Cabo. You’ll need to consider what is affordable overall.

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Private Transportation in Cabo vs. Uber

Uber in Los CabosUber in Cabo is illegal. There are several factors to consider before you get on the plane to Cabo. Los Cabos Safety and crime stats are readily available for Mexico online. 

  • Where is the airport in Cabo San Lucas? Its airport code is SJD and located in San Jose del Cabo, about 24km from Cabo San Lucas.
  • Do I need to exchange money in Cabo?  We recommend if possible, buying Pesos from your bank before you come. But if not there is a currency exchange at SJD Airport.
  • Do US Dollars or Canadian Dollars work in Cabo? US dollars work well and most banks or currency exchanges will buy your foreign money to convert to Pesos.
  • Is Cabo Safe? Yes, it’s probably safer than your town, seriously! Most you hear about is cartel-related terror and that is not active in the Los Cabos region.
  • Can I get an airport transfer when I arrive? You can, however, depending on the time of year, week, and day it could be challenging. If nothing is arranged after a long flight you’ll likely pay for convenience, and not save money.


Is private transportation at Cabo Airport affordable? Yes, and it is consistent in quality and service. Maintenance of fleet and bilingual, knowledgeable drivers that are trained and more importantly, licensed to be at the airport and resorts and insured. Private transportation and shuttle providers in Cabo offer a more personalized experience. Private transportation offers premium amenities like in-car Wi-Fi, refreshments, and personalized arrival service.


Visitors heading to Los Cabos are being warned by local authorities and the tourism board to exercise great care in selecting their means of transportation. The warning emphasizes the importance of choosing only officially registered transportation services in Cabo. This comes in response to an alarming increase in unlicensed and informal transportation providers, similar to Uber, operating within the area. These unauthorized operators present considerable safety risks to tourists, posing a threat to their security and overall travel experience.

Private transportation in Cabo can access the airport, inside a resort, and in private communities where villa rentals and private homes are. They prioritize the safety of passengers of which many times are children. Many have baby and toddler seats whereas an Uber will not.

Is Uber Safe in Los Cabos?

Safety is Paramount. Cabo Airport’s private transportation service providers prioritize vehicle quality, including regular maintenance, which is essential for obtaining permits and licenses. In contrast, Uber drivers in the area are not subjected to such regulated safety standards. Additionally, all private transportation companies are insured, covering their vehicles, drivers, and passengers, whereas Uber drivers may lack proper licensing and insurance, even for their passengers.

Private transportation companies also adhere to stringent licensing requirements to access the Cabo Airport and resorts, ensuring their vehicles and drivers meet higher standards than Uber drivers or independent operators.

Cabo private transportation services are dedicated to enhancing your travel experience. Their drivers, motivated by customer satisfaction rather than just gratuities, value your appreciation. Negative feedback is taken seriously and can lead to significant improvements. These companies are invested in providing a luxurious experience at a fair price, unlike Uber drivers, who may not share the same commitment due to the lesser stakes involved.

Is Uber safe in Cabo San Lucas?

The safety of using Uber in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, like in any other city, depends on various factors such as the time of day, the area you are traveling to, and personal security measures you take. However, Uber is not operating under legal transportation authority in Cabo San Lucas. As with any ride-sharing service, it’s important to take basic safety precautions such as verifying the driver’s information before getting into the car, letting someone know your whereabouts, and following your intuition. Additionally, it’s recommended to only use Uber in well-lit, populated areas, and to avoid sharing personal information with your driver.

Does Cabo have Uber?

Uber is operating in Cabo but not in a full legal capacity. As Uber has spread across the globe there has been adoption for convenience and benefit for independent drivers and the public.  There are several Uber’s in Cabo but many are not allowed in the places or resorts you’d expect to receive them.

Uber is not allowed in Los Cabos Airport and inside many resorts in the region. Want to avoid a taxi inside your resort to run out to dinner? Sure, hail an Uber but you’ll need to leave the resort property to get into it when it does show and if the Uber even shows and does not cancel last minute after you’ve waited for 15 minutes. This is typical of what travelers experience with Uber in Los Cabos.

Is Uber Available for Airport Pickups in Cabo?

Unfortunately, Uber does not hold the necessary federal permits to pick up passengers directly from Los Cabos Airport. Although the Uber app is functional at the airport, to use their service, you would have to carry your luggage and walk roughly half a mile to specific locations situated along the shoulder of the main highway where Uber drivers are allowed to meet passengers.

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