Cabo is known throughout the world for being one of the top spring break party spots – with an incredibly rich live music scene, Cabo’s downtown nightclub scene is one you really can’t miss if you consider yourself a party animal.

So before you dive into planning your Cabo spring break trip, take a bit of time to read over our top nightclub recommendations; with years of Los Cabos partying experience under our belts, we’ve put together this list of must-see venues that call this charming party peninsula home.

Does Cabo have a good nightlife?

If nothing else, Cabo is known for its fun and addicting nightlife scene. And while the town of Cabo San Lucas is the more popular partying spot, the nearby city of San Jose del Cabo is also a great choice for those looking for some tamer nightlife excitement. Los Cabos in general is one of the best places to spend your college spring break for those looking to make some great memories.

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Is Cabo a party Place?

While Cabo isn’t an island, it’s one of the best spring break party destinations in the world. Located on the Baja California peninsula, Cabo is home to dozens of nightclubs and bars open from sun up to sun down – which is why so many party people tend to come back every chance they get.

Of course, there’s always more to do in Cabo: while enjoying your spring break, don’t forget to find a few swimmable beaches, check out some local hikes, or even venture out and do a bit of snorkeling or scuba diving, among other activities in Cabo.

Where are the parties in Cabo?

In Cabo, you can find a party on nearly every corner. With booming venues ranging from restaurants and brunch spots to crowded nightclubs, there’s no end to the party if you’re willing to spend a bit of time looking for it. No matter how you prefer to party, there’s a place for you in Cabo – and spring break in particular is the best time to find your bucket list party location.

Where do celebrities party in Cabo?

Celebrities are known for keeping to themselves, but the best clubs in Cabo manage to attract some big names when it comes to their spring break party scene. In particular, the El Squid Roe offers up one of the most popular destinations for celebrities; including icons like Beyonce, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, and Jamie Foxx – keep reading to find out more about El Squid Roe.

What’s the best Cabo nightclub for a bachelor party?

You’ve got plenty of options when it comes to bachelor party venues in Cabo. Not only can you party at night, but venues like Mango Deck serve food throughout the day, including the morning. Starting your day off in a space like that, before moving on to a club such as El Squid Roe later in the day is one of the best ways to organize a spring break bachelor party.

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What time do DJs start performing in Cabo?

Each nightclub in Cabo will have different hours, but typically a DJ will be playing music or hosting other fun events during business hours. For the best live DJ experience, you’re going to want to visit some of these clubs later at night when the party truly begins.

What time do clubs usually close?

In Los Cabos, most nightclubs close during the early morning hours – around 1 AM – 5 AM. This means you can quite literally party all day and night if you want while staying well-fed and hydrated from local Cabo restaurants and cafes located next to most establishments.

Why do Cabo nightclubs have a dress code?

Most nightclubs in Mexico don’t have a strict dress code, but some do prefer you to dress up in smart casual clothing when visiting. Because Cabo is a famous spring break beach-side destination, you’ll probably see locals and travelers alike clubbing in tank tops and sandals – as a casual dress code is usually all that’s required.

Does Cabo have any adult-themed nightclubs?

Cabo is home to a handful of gentlemen’s clubs – that is, clubs that are adult-only and may get a little raunchy from time to time. While these types of clubs are certainly a blast to visit, you may find their prices to be a bit higher than most other nightclubs – just something to be aware of.

What are the top Cabo nightclubs?

With so many clubs to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down which live music venues you want to visit during your stay in Cabo. We’ve put together this list of our top recommendations featuring a variety of different style nightclubs – you’re bound to find one on this list that catches your eye:

What’s the best airport shuttle service in Cabo?

If you’re looking for the easiest way to get around Cabo while on spring break, you’re going to want to go with an affordable airport shuttle service like SJD Taxi. While Uber does exist here, the rise in similar unregistered services poses a safety risk for visitors unfamiliar with the area.

For that reason, make sure you look into booking Cabo transportation before you arrive – never hop into a random shuttle or taxi service directly from the airport.


Hours: 8 PM – 2 AM

Website: Mandala

Nestled within the booming club district of Cabo San Lucas, Mandala is the nightclub you need to visit if you’re looking for an authentic party experience during spring break. Similar in style to Las Vegas or NYC nightclubs, Mandala is where you’ll find the best international DJs, the most atmospheric lighting, and the liveliest crowds during your stay in Cabo.

For those of you looking for a venue inclusive to locals, tourists, and spring-breakers alike – Mandala is the spot. And if you’re going to spend time here, you may want to consider investing in a bit of table service, as Mandala stays stocked with a wide selection of reasonably priced bottles.

La Vaquita

Hours: 8 PM – 2 AM

Website: La Vaquita

If you’re looking for a huge spring break club venue that’s always on point, La Vaquita is likely your answer. Considered one of the wackiest spots to party in Cabo San Lucas, La Vaquita is the nightclub for those who want to dance until the early morning hours – located right next to the Pink Kitty nightclub, now known as Kitty Nightspot Cabo.

Like many nightclubs in Cabo, you’ll find a wide selection of pulsating beats that won’t end until the sun rises – on top of their top-tier table service for those with a little more cash to throw around. La Vaquita is a Cabo club known for exciting crowds: if you’re someone who wants to blend in on the dance floor and let loose, this could be the spring break club you’ve been looking for.

Crush Nightspot

Hours: 9 PM – 5 AM

Website: Crush Nightspot

Crush is one of the most popular Cabo club destinations for fans of hip-hop and reggaetón, with an eclectic mix of music spun by DJs every night during spring break. During your visit, you’ll also experience a variety of other entertainment: go-go dancers, guitar and saxophone solos, and tons of other live DJ mashups guaranteed to keep your feet moving all night.

If you’re in the mood for a bit extra, you may want to consider checking out some of Crush’s special events, such as:

  • Naughty School Girl Thursdays
  • Glow Fridays
  • Mashup Saturdays

The top-tier DJ setup is one of Crush Nightspot’s main attractions, with hip-hop artists from around the world coming together to create one-of-a-kind experiences for traveling clubgoers and local party enthusiasts alike. If you’re a big fan of letting loose – chances are, you’ll love Crush’s amazing dance floor located above the bar.


Hours: 5 PM – 1 AM

Website: Confessions

A bit more lowkey than other spring break clubs on the list, Confessions is a sky bar and lounge located on the rooftop of the ME Cabo hotel. The party never truly ends at Confessions – and you’ll find yourself immersed in a sea of live music and dancers with an incredible view of the ocean from the 7th floor.

If you’re in the mood for a bit of relaxation, Confessions also offers a dinner menu, and you can enjoy your meal while lazing about on one of their many comfortable rooftop lounge beds. Confessions are the perfect spot for special celebrations – birthdays, bachelor parties, and other big moments are best celebrated in a lively venue like this, where everyone is keen on having a good time.

El Squid Roe

Hours: 9 AM – 3 AM

Website: El Squid Roe

El Squid Roe is known for its lively night scene, but it’s also a popular lunch and dinner destination for families and springbreakers alike. Open earlier than other nightclubs around Cabo, you can stop by El Squid Roe for a quick bite to eat early in the day – but of course, the main attraction is still the club scene that sprouts up at night in downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Once the sun sets, El Squid Roe turns into the center of Cabo’s spring break club scene, with DJs from around the globe flying in to compliment the fun antics of the club’s bartenders and waitresses. Cold drinks and exquisite cocktails aren’t the only things flowing at this club, where employees are encouraged to join in and dance the night away.


Hours: 5 PM – 1 AM

Website: RosaNegra

Capturing the lively essence of Latin America, RosaNegra is both a club and restaurant – you can relax and enjoy a bite to eat or get up and join in on a bit of dancing alongside the club’s fun-loving hostesses and DJs. Top-shelf bottles can be purchased, and they’ll be brought to your own private party table alongside a selection of authentic Mexican dishes cooked up in RosaNegra’s kitchen.

Sacred fire shows, sparklers, dancing, bongos, hookah – the real question is: what doesn’t RosaNegra have? If you are planning on visiting it’s a good idea to book a reservation, as spots fill up due to high demand. Of course, you can always grab a few drinks alongside a bit of ceviche or wagyu steak at their bar if you aren’t in the mood to reserve a table, with either option setting the tone for the perfect spring break night out in Cabo San Lucas.

Splash (Gentleman’s Club)

Hours: 11 AM – 5 AM (7 PM – 5 AM Thursdays)

Website: Splash

Home to some of the most beautiful women in the world, Splash is a gentleman’s club located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas – this is the spot to go if you’re in the mood for a bit of adult-themed entertainment. With four stories of fun to explore, you’re bound to something (or someone) that catches your eye here.

Of course, a lack of clothing is what makes Splash truly special – but that’s not the only attraction here. Light shows, dance performances, handcrafted cocktails, and plenty of space to lounge about and chat with other guests are just a few of the VIP amenities included during your stay at Splash. If you’re in the area to celebrate a bachelor’s upcoming union, you may want to spice it up a bit and join in on the fun happening every night during spring break at Splash, Cabo San Lucas.

Singapur (Gentleman’s Club)

Hours: 10 PM – 5 AM

Website: Singapur (Instagram)

Similar to Splash, Singapur is one of Cabo’s premier men’s clubs – the perfect place for those looking for a bit of extra fun on a spring break night. If you’re on the hunt for adult-themed entertainment, you’re going to want to make a pit stop at Singapur during your late-night adventures.

Full bar service, live DJ music, and private dances are just a few of the sultry experiences you may stumble upon while visiting this hidden gem of a nightclub. Open until 5 AM, Singapur will likely be your last stop of the night, and maybe even your luckiest.


Hours: 8 PM – 5 AM

Capital is a bustling Cabo nightclub that stays open super late into the night, perfect for those who want to party hard until breakfast – and then do it again the next night. Known for its exclusive hookah bar stocked with all kinds of goodies, Capital also features an incredible view of the Baja California peninsula from its terrace.

No cover charge, a spacious dance floor, and comfortable lighting and music – Capital never disappoints, no matter what style you prefer to party in. While it may not be the most atmospheric club around, Capital makes up for its lack of tourist attractions with a local party vibe that will leave you waiting for next year’s spring break as soon as it ends. You can find Capital just a short walk away from the Cabo Wabo Cantina, near the marina.

Mango Deck

Hours: 8 AM – 10 PM

Website: Mango Deck

While Mango Deck is known for its beach club aesthetics, it’s also one of the most lively nightclubs in Cabo San Lucas once the sun sets. Open all day, this club manages to capture the spirit of spring break no matter when you visit – with particularly gorgeous views of the ocean during the day.

Featuring full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, Mango Deck is one of the best places in Cabo to nurse your headache after a long night of partying. And while you’re getting a bit of grub in your tummy, your friends may even get to join in on one of their famous shows: booty-shaking and beer-chugging contests, trivia and theme nights, and club-wide birthday celebrations are just a few of the amazing events that happen every day at Mango Deck.

Nowhere Bar

Hours: 12 PM – 3 AM

Website: Nowhere Bar

If you’re looking for a place to connect with locals during your spring break visit, Nowhere Bar is your best bet. Smaller than other dance clubs in Cabo San Lucas, this club manages to capture the essence of what it means to live in Baja: good vibes, great music, and an endless supply of eager party enthusiasts.

Featuring a cozy dance floor with DJs who love to spin up some classics, Nowhere is considered by many to be an underrated spot to party; facing a gorgeous view of the nearby Cabo San Lucas marina, this funky club needs to hold a spot on your spring break to-do list.

Final thoughts

Knowing the best spots to hit up is the easiest way to simplify your travel list during your spring break in Cabo. Now that you’re an expert on the top spring break nightclubs in Cabo, you’re ready to dive in and experience just how fun things can get – and remember, stay safe, hydrated, and get ready to make some lifelong memories.