Los Cabos Airport transportation to Four Seasons at Costa Palmas

Indulge in the epitome of sophistication with our exclusive private transportation service from SJD Airport to the Four Seasons at Costa Palmas. Our opulent fleet of luxury vehicles, coupled with the expertise of our professional, licensed, and fully insured drivers, ensures a seamless and lavish journey.

Regrettably, the Four Seasons does not extend the offering of shared shuttles from SJD Cabo Airport to Costa Palmas, a decision influenced by our dedication to preserving your precious travel time.


$195 Private SUV Transfer

Rest assured, our drivers are poised to attend to your every need, including the careful handling of your luggage, both during loading and unloading. Our airport transportation service is meticulously designed to deliver an unparalleled level of comfort, far surpassing the concept of shared transport or shuttle services. Each vehicle in our fleet is dedicated entirely to your party, ensuring an exclusive and personalized travel experience that befits your elite taste and discerning preferences.

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Los Cabos Airport to Four Seasons at Costa Palmas

Ensconced along the untouched shores of the Sea of Cortez in the enchanting realm of Baja California Sur, Mexico, the Four Seasons Resort at Costa Palmas is the epitome of opulence and natural grandeur. This exquisite sanctuary seamlessly marries the celebrated excellence of the Four Seasons brand with the unspoiled magnificence of the East Cape region, culminating in an unrivaled haven for discerning travelers in search of the finest retreat.

Elevating the definition of lavish accommodations, the Four Seasons Costa Palmas offers a selection of sumptuous guest rooms, suites, private casitas, and beachfront villas. Each residence is a masterpiece of design, showcasing contemporary Mexican aesthetics, expansive living areas, and private terraces or patios that bestow breathtaking vistas of the cerulean sea, verdant gardens, or majestic mountains.

Four Seasons Costa Palmas Airport Transportation

The resort’s amenities are a testament to extravagance, catering to a diverse range of interests. The tranquil Sea of Cortez beckons water enthusiasts with activities like snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding, and sailing. Meanwhile, golf aficionados can savor the challenge and beauty of the Robert Trent Jones II golf course, set against the backdrop of the captivating desert landscape.

At the heart of the Four Seasons Costa Palmas, culinary excellence reigns supreme. The farm-to-table philosophy is exquisitely executed, spotlighting locally sourced ingredients and the freshest seafood. Renowned chefs curate a gastronomic journey that marries Mexican flavors with international flair, ensuring that every dining experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Cabo Airport Transportation to Costa Palmas

True relaxation awaits at the resort’s opulent spa, where a menu of rejuvenating treatments harnesses the curative powers of the region’s natural treasures. Adults can bask in serenity at the exclusive pool area, while families revel in the pleasures of the family pool and the engaging Kids for All Seasons program.

In its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, Costa Palmas honors the natural splendor of the region while supporting local communities.

In summation, the Four Seasons Resort at Costa Palmas stands as an embodiment of luxury and serenity amidst a pristine, untouched landscape. It beckons guests to bask in the splendors of Baja California Sur while indulging in unparalleled service and world-class amenities. It is an unforgettable retreat where opulence meets adventure, inviting travelers to savor the ultimate in relaxation and refinement.

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