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Located about an hour from Cabo Airport is the community of Todos Santos, Mexico. SJD Taxi offers luxury, private airport transportation to Todos Santos. In addition, we also have daily shuttle bus transfers to and from Cabo Airport! Todos Santos is a great day trip from Cabo and SJD Taxi has private drivers to take conveniently you there and back as well!

  • Platinum Shuttle Departs SJD Cabo Airport twice a day – early afternoon and then again late afternoon.
  • Returns daily from La Paz twice a day – early and late morning (we’ll make sure you make your flight!)

Platinum Shuttle $149 / PP | 7 Passenger Private MiniVan $255

Private transfers from Cabo Airport Todos Santos are the best option to the front door of your resort or villa. 

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At the Los Cabos Airport, our representative will be waiting for you outside. Airport concierges will have your name on a sign and then assist you with all your belongings, and escort you to your air-conditioned vehicle where we’ll have cold water and beer waiting. On your departure, we’ll pick you up at your villa, Airbnb, or resort and bring you back to Cabo Airport.

How to find Cabo Airport Shuttle Bus

Terminal #1 – Domestic Arrivals: as you pass customs you will see a sign to your left-hand side that reads ARRIVALS, exit through the left doors, and you will pass a hall of timeshare sellers and see another set of sliding doors to your left, exit through those gates, once passed them you will immediately see our office to your right-hand side before the Subway Restaurant. (Further details are provided on the booking receipt after purchase)

Terminal #2 – International Arrivals: As you pass through customs and timeshare halls exit the terminal and walk across the street to the Umbrella area, you will find our representative under Umbrella #5 holding a sign. (Further details are provided on the booking receipt after purchase)

Difference Between the Platinum Shuttle and a basic shared shuttle?

Basic Shuttle

  1. 10-12-passenger older shuttle van.
  2. Delivery only to the Todos Santos downtown bus station (same for the return).
  3. Only ONE suitcase per person and one lap handbag or backpack.
  4. No Animals or Child Car Seats.
  5. No bikes or other cargo permitted.

Platinum Shuttle

    1. A new VW Transporter Shuttle Van with only 6 passengers and room to breathe!
    2. We deliver you to your resort or hotel – not the bus station (same for the return).
    3. We allow up to TWO Suitcases per person (50 lbs max ea.) and one lap handbag or backpack.
    4. We provide you with a cold refreshment for the ride.
    5. We allow and encourage car seats for young children!
    6. We allow pre-approved small, caged animals.
    7. We’ll allow pre-approved a bike or surfboard as luggage.
    8. Bilingual, licensed drivers with a good personality to boot!

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Where is Todos Santos?

A quaint town north of Los Cabos and south of the Capital City of La Paz, Todos Santos is a gem of the BCS. Best known for its extensive art galleries, wine shops, and home to The Hotel California. The colorful streets of Todos Santos won its recent title of “Pueblo Magico”, which means “Magical Town” in Spanish. There are also fun Baja off-road tours with racers with tails in the desert to explore.

Popular Airbnb’s in Todos Santos, private villas, and resorts are:

Transportation from Cabo Airport to Todos Santos

A new modern resort, Hotel San Cristóbal Baja is located just 3 km from Todos Santos. SJD can provide a private Cadillac Escalades to Hotel San Cristóbal Baja that includes up to 6 passengers and luggage. The Hotel San Cristóbal Baja is about 45 minutes across the new toll road that runs through the Baja mountains and majestic Cardon cacti foliage. (a private SUV transfer will get you there, or take the shuttle downtown and then find a local taxi). Other popular Hotels are Casa Tota and Hotel Villa Santa Cruz.

Hotel San Cristobal Transportation
Todos Santos is a hidden treasure on the Baja California Sur (BCS) coastline, exuding charm and cultural richness that captivates visitors from around the globe. This enchanting town, with its vibrant streets, historical landmarks, and thriving arts scene, rightfully earned its designation as a “Pueblo Mágico” or “Magical Town” by the Mexican government, a title bestowed upon places that offer a unique and authentic cultural experience.

Todos Santos’s history is as colorful and varied as the facades of its buildings. Established in the early 18th century, it has seen periods of prosperity due to sugar cane production, which shaped much of its early economic landscape. However, as the sugar industry waned, the town’s focus shifted towards agriculture, fishing, and more recently, tourism, which has breathed new life into the local economy. This transition has allowed Todos Santos to preserve its historic charm while welcoming visitors from all corners of the world.

The town’s reputation as a cultural hub, especially for art enthusiasts, is well-deserved. Wander through the cobblestone streets, and you’ll discover an array of art galleries showcasing works by local and international artists. These galleries feature a wide range of artistic expressions, from traditional Mexican crafts and vibrant paintings to sophisticated sculptures and innovative contemporary pieces, reflecting the town’s creative spirit and its role as an incubator for artistic talent.

Todos Santos is also celebrated for its amazing restaurants in Los Cabos & gastronomic offerings, with wine shops and boutique eateries dotting the landscape. The local cuisine is a delightful fusion of traditional Mexican flavors and contemporary culinary techniques, often featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Wine enthusiasts will find the town’s wine shops a particular joy, offering selections that highlight the burgeoning Mexican wine industry, particularly those from the nearby Valle de Guadalupe.

Hotel California of Todos Santos

A significant landmark that adds to the town’s allure is The Hotel California. Despite rumors and urban legends, this iconic establishment is not the inspiration behind the Eagles’ famous song but has become an attraction in its own right. Visitors flock to the hotel for its bohemian chic atmosphere, captivating history, and excellent dining options, making it a must-visit for anyone traveling to Todos Santos.

The recognition of Todos Santos as a “Pueblo Mágico” is not merely for its historical sites, art galleries, or culinary delights; it’s also a tribute to the town’s ability to maintain its cultural integrity and environmental beauty amidst growing tourist interest. The surrounding landscapes offer an abundance of natural attractions, from pristine beaches perfect for surfing and sunbathing to the rugged desert terrain ideal for hiking and exploration. Todos Santos is home to a few swimmable beaches and even one of the top spring break beaches in Los Cabos.

In conclusion, Todos Santos is more than just a destination; it’s a vibrant testament to Mexico’s rich cultural tapestry and natural beauty. Its blend of history, art, cuisine, and natural attractions makes it an unparalleled destination for those seeking a more authentic and enriching travel experience. Whether you’re meandering through its colorful streets, savoring the local cuisine, or simply soaking in the town’s laid-back atmosphere, Todos Santos promises a magical escape that resonates long after you’ve departed its enchanting confines.

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